Make Up

Often hair loss problems are more noticeable to the individual sufferer than to anyone else. Thinning hair and receding hair lines are often not evident as they at first seem. The style in which the hair is worn can often take the attention away from the hair or focus attention on it.

Though this is a subject that will, in the main, be pertinent to women, men should take note. Make up does not have to be obtrusive nor excessive to be effective. Attention can be drawn from the hair or forehead by subtle extenuation of other feature, such as the eyes or the lips. Jewellery too may help.

Hair loss is a potential side effect of chemotherapy

Hair loss is a potential side effect of chemotherapy. Jessica Smith, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, talks about her experience with chemotherapy and describes how the hair loss affected her. Also, an expert gives advice on how to cope with hair loss and where to find support. see

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