Men are the chief bearers of hereditary hair loss, and have been for many generations. Although they rarely discuss such problems publicly, it is well understood that the impact of hair loss, in youth or later life, can and does have a huge impact on their lives and the consequences can test even the strongest man’s morale.

Yet their experience of successful use (or otherwise) of hair loss products is poorly documented and remains in the main unrecorded. It is understandable that men do not wish to recount their poor experiences, but if they find success they are equally reluctant to return to the subject. Needless to say there are a wide range of products that are sold annually, and many courses of treatment and hair replacement programmes are undertaken. Unfortunately, many such interventions are sold on little, if any, evidence of their benefits, and given the high cost of many treatments there is a very real suggestion that many products are not all they are purported to be.

This site endeavours to promote only products that offer benefits that have some basis in medical science or historical success.

Hair loss is a potential side effect of chemotherapy

Hair loss is a potential side effect of chemotherapy. Jessica Smith, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, talks about her experience with chemotherapy and describes how the hair loss affected her. Also, an expert gives advice on how to cope with hair loss and where to find support. see

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