Tips and News for Hair Loss

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•Treatment is always patient centred
•Medical history and examination carried out.
•Digital images taken to plan treatment.
•Number of grafts required calculated 2001
•Donor site determined

•Donor and recipient sites prepared
•Local anesthesia
•Follicles extracted under magnification
•Donor follicles examined cleaned and placed in implanter.
•Follicles implanted

Post session
•Light dressing
•Return home
•Further consultation and evaluation arranged.
•Contact care coordinator with any concerns
•There are two methods practiced

Hair loss is a potential side effect of chemotherapy

Hair loss is a potential side effect of chemotherapy. Jessica Smith, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, talks about her experience with chemotherapy and describes how the hair loss affected her. Also, an expert gives advice on how to cope with hair loss and where to find support. see

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